Photographs and Videos from the Air

Arizona Drone Photography has been used to produce stunning pictures of landscapes, rock formations, city lights, sunsets, and many other beautiful images. What most people do not realize is that they can have Aerial Photography Arizona taken for their personal or commercial purposes and events. The cost is affordable, the resolution is high, and pictures can be taken at different angles and heights. Imagine seeing that dream outdoor wedding from an altitude of up to four-hundred feet, or as close as five meters. The setting, the happy couple, the bridal party, flowers, and guests can all be captured in one frame. The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones, operate with low noise levels, so there will be no interruption of speeches, toasts, and music. People spend a lot of time and money planning for their big day, so having special pictures of the event will be a great way to remember it for years into the future. Videos are also possible for events.


Hotels, resorts, and attractions can get advertising and images that set them apart from the competition with Aerial Imagery Phoenix. Giving people a bird’s eye view of that newly renovated infinity swimming pool, or those professionally designed dirt bike trails, will definitely increase bookings. That golf course that spreads out among the foothills will look enticing from the air. That nature resort with the horseback riding trails, meditation gardens, and outdoor painting classes can show all the features of the property and activity spaces on the website, in their commercials, and on brochures. That lets travelers know they will be getting top quality accommodations and amenities. They will not have to wonder if the place is overrated, or the beauty of the area exaggerated. They can see it for themselves.

Another commercial use of drones is for inspection and surveillance purposes. This application of the technology can be used across industries, and save businesses time and money on many levels. That design firm has been hired to create a planned residential community just outside of the city. The development areas have to be photographed, measured, and mapped out. Sending out teams of people to take pictures, measure and map out the area, and figure out land formations and obstacles can take at least a few days, and cost a lot of money. A quick flyover of the area can result in pictures or videos of the site that can be used to get the project started. Inspecting electrical lines for nests or corrosion, for example, can be done with a drone, rather than interrupting service and sending a crew to climb the posts. Other practical examples include Video surveillance of gas pipelines to check for leaks or damage, pictures of towers after storms to check for lightning or hail damage, or getting views of the underside of a bridge to ensure safety.